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Company name Moriyama INC.
President Kentaro Kuzuwa
Headquarters Nikko bldg, 3-1 Kanda-surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan (zip code:101-0062)
Capital(yen) 10,000,000
Incorporation December 27, 1950
foundation July 1, 1905

Company Introduction

Founded in 1905, we are the inkpad(stamp pad) and ink manufacturer which history is the oldest in Japan.
Since over one hundred years ago, our headquarters is in Surugadai of the center part of Tokyo, and we have a factory at Saitama Prefecture.
Our company is not large-scale. However, we have been trusted for a long time by customers because of the technology, the productive capacity, the creativity, and the sincere response.
I want to tell the several strong point by our longtime experience.

1. We have the credit capability that keeps stably supplying high-quality products.
2. We have technology that makes up high-quality products.
3. We have results to be able to satisfy the demand of the customer who hopes to be offered OEM products.
4. We have the project power(planning ability) only of the company where the base exists in Japan.
5. We have the ink development power(ink development ability) of a high technology.

Our products are strictly inspected by Japanese staffs at the factory of us in Japan.
We inspect all of our products.(It's not a sampling inspection.)
Only products that passed our severe inspection are shipped.
We are continuing the effort to make customer's defective risk a minimum.

We have the cultivated house brand in a longtime company background.
We are managing all of the design, the metal mold making, molding, assembly, and inspecting.
That is, we can hear the customer's demand, develop products according to it, and manufacture them.
In addition, please pay attention to keeping making traditional seal ink for the hobby made by recipes that continues since we establish.

We are undertaking manufacturing a lot of OEM products from the listed company and the well-known brand of Japan. We are doing a high quality control to be able to satisfy the demand requested by the company that acquires the attestation of ISO.

By the accumulation of our employee's longtime business experience, we have a high-quality production network in Japan.
It doesn't limit to inkpad, and we also have the ability to produce various products.
Especially, we are good at making small products like the stationery.
Then, we have the ability to propose the excellent, creative design known as "cool Japan".
There is a professional creative direction team.
Our product was awarded as The Good Design Award first in the inkpad industry of Japan.

We have developed the ink of the world highest level based on the technology of inkpad.
That is, we can develop and produce the ink that the customer demands.
We are the pioneer of quick dry ink.

With our excellent products and perfect services, we hope that we will establish long and friendly business relationships with you in near future.
Our hope is that the relationship will be the one of International goodwill between Japan and your nation.
If you are interested in any of our products, or require any further information, please feel free to contact us today.
Let's start Win-Win dealings!