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Moriyama's traditional red ink pads and stamp ink pads have a unique fast-drying power.

Moriyama boasts of the industry's fastest traditional red ink pads and stamp ink pads.
In this video, we will use normal copy paper and prove the quick-drying power of Moriyama's traditional red ink pads.
Within 3 seconds of stamping, the print does not run even if you rub it.

  • - Extreme fast-drying power (1-3 seconds for normal paper)
  • - Water-resistant and chemical-resistant.
  • - Sharp imprint
  • - No blurring
  • - Ink does not run over to other pages
  • - No fading
  • - Even if you leave the cap open, the surface does not dry up
  • - Very safe as this is made of organic pigments
  • - Odourless
Please note that if you use special paper, because of the sebum from your hand, the above effects may not be as apparent as described.

This video was taken by a normal household digital camera with average video filming functions ].

We did not make any alterations or modifications to the footage or the playback time of the video. Also, any change in focus of the camera is not intentional and is due to the technical features of the camera.