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British artist Tashi Mannox uses NIKKO Moriyama INC., too!


British born Tibetan calligraphy artist TAHSHI MANNOX prefers the organic vermilion inks of the NIKKO Moriyama INC range for their excellent natural qualities.

In addition, Moriyama organic vermilion ink pads of the ’Four Seasons’ are featured with Mr. Mannox in the well-known American international magazine ‘Curator’.

【Curator Web site】

Mr. Tashi Mannox:

For the past three decades, English born Tashi Mannox trained in the discipline art of Tibetan calligraphy and ancient Sanskrit from Tibetan Lamas in India. He currently practices in his British residence in both Eastern and Western artistry, that is celebrated internationally on the contemporary art scene.

【TASHI MANNOX Official website】

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