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Pursuit of  universality and innovation

Since the olden days, customers have loved the "Nikko Jirushi (mean Nikko mark)". It continually evolves and keeps up with the times. 

Since Moriyama won the industry's first "Good Design Award", it has been working towards an "anonymous design" that emphasizes simplicity and functionality. In addition, in the history of the evolution of paper, Moriyama has adapted very well to the times.

Thus, Moriyama has researched and produced the industry's fastest-drying traditional red ink pads and stamp pads. Apart from modern artificial textiles , the Moriyama products have worked well on papyrus, traditional Japanese rice paper, western paper and paper with synthetic fibers. 

Bright colors, odorless, non-blurring, non-fading, ink that does not dry even when the cap is left open, water and chemical-resistance, safe and made from organic materials only... These are just some of the many special features of our traditional inks and stamp pads that have been created from continuous research and is a testament of the high quality of goods we are providing. 

For all products, customization of names and novel designs is possible.