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Our newly-developed organic Moriyama vermilion ink cakes are made with environmentally-friendly natural pigments. They contain no trace of heavy metals such as lead, mercury, or cadmium. 
Nowadays, environmental protection is a necessary concern for firms in every industry, and the ink industry is no exception. 
For example, inorganic vermilion made with mercury cannot be rendered nontoxic. Through many years of research, Moriyama has conquered the typical flaws of organic pigments—the difficulty of producing deep, vibrant color; the lack of resistance to fading—to produce a strong, successful product. (It corresponds from the product manufactured in October, 2012 and afterwards.)

The color variation of these extra-special artistic
ink pads of carefully refined vermillion,
crafted in the traditional Japanese style,
will help you enjoy the changing of the seasons.

four_seasons_set(with paulownia pakage)

【NAME】 NIKKO FOUR SEASONS (with paulownia pakage)
【SIZE & PRICE】 1. Spring
2. Summer
(AKAGUCHI:clear red)
3. Autumn  (AKACHA:oxblood)
4. Winter  (NOUAKA:cocoa)
(Japanese traditional lacquered) 
φ73.5×20 1. JP¥5,000
  (TAX OUT) 
2. JP¥5,000
  (TAX OUT) 

3. JP¥5,000
  (TAX OUT) 

4. JP¥5,000
  (TAX OUT) 
【Spring(KIGUCHI:vermillion),Summer(AKAGUCHI:clear red), Autumn(AKACHA:oxblood),Winter(NOUAKA:cocoa)】
4 prices
【specification】 Organic pigment use / Japanese Moxa use

Tashi Mannox

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