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【Wooden mosaic holder】
This is a stamp pad holder (a container for the vermillion ink used for seals) that has been painstakingly hand made by a craftsman using the "muku" method of creating wooden mosaics, which is a traditional handicraft of Hakone. Items made by this muku method are created as a block formed from pieces of different woods fitted together. Compared with the "koyosegi" and other traditional methods, this stamp pad holder, a special item made from large pieces of wood and hence a large block, which is then shaped and polished fastidiously in a wood lathe before applying a varnish, has a sense of luxury, modernity and superior strength.

【SIZE & PRICE】 Round shape Large outline:φ105×72
face of inkpad:φ70
Middle outline:φ80.5×53
face of inkpad:φ52
Small outline:φ60.5×45.5
face of inkpad:φ37
※There is the thing that size, colors are a little different for one article of one article of handicraft.

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