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ルーペ付き朱肉 LUPA


Good Design, Good Performance!
A high quality quick-drying ink pad. Open the cover and it's a magnifying glass.

※If an ordinary copy paper is sealed, it will get dry in 5 seconds.  
※It is recommended that you hold the lens of the magnifying glass 20 cm from the viewing target.

Lupa  the stamp pad with a loupe which functions for magnifying documents and stamping sharply!
It’s such a pain when you stamp on documents with small letters.
In such a situation, Lupa conveniently supports your work.
Let’s enlarge documents and stamp vividly on it!

Lupa is a combination of a loupe and an inkpad.
Keep Lupa under your hand, and you have no problem with your stamp work as well as small letters. (Loupe is on the back side of the cover.) This high quality ink certainlydries immediately and vivid. After 5seconds of printing, the stamp mark can’t be broken even if it’s rubbed (in the case of using normal papers). The ink used for Lupa is capable for long work. It also performs well for its long durability. It is safe and no smell!

All the processes are made in Japan.
The safety data by Japanese inspection institute is available.

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【NAME】 LUPA (Inkpad with Loupe, super quick dry) 
【SIZE】 (S)outline: 40×46×12mm face of inkpad: φ28mm
(L)outline: 57×66×12mm face of inkpad: φ43mm
【MATERIAL】 Recycled ABS100% (except lid), Oil pigment

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