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In this day in age for the people working hard, and even those not working so hard, there is the "Business Prosperity" good-luck quick-drying ink pad!
Setting your seal on contracts, quotes, invoices, receipts, et al, or even just carrying it might bring you luck! It's portable, so you can always keep it with you. 
We want you to think that the quick-drying ink pad] is what works like magic. At 945 yen including tax, you'll get 50 yen and 5 yen (Go-yen: "Luck" in Japanese)! It also comes with it's own charm. As far as the good luck? You'll just have to use it and see. 

※If an ordinary copy paper is sealed, it will get dry in 3 seconds. 
Comes with a key chain charm

It was based of "CLEAR No.40".
That is, this quality is very high as well as CLEAR.

This oily pigments ink also has
high safety, drying at less than three seconds after stamp,no smell. It is decompose neither the ABS resin nor rubber too.
The safety data by Japanese inspection institute is available.

Those were printed four kinds of Japanese traditional phrase by four letters.
As for these phrase, the following wishes are put.

pronunciation: show-buy-hung-joe (photo: top)
meaning: Prosperity of the business.

pronunciation:show-hook-ban-lie (photo: right)
meaning: A lot of happiness comes.

pronunciation:cow-two-ann-then (photo: left)
meaning: Traffic safety.

pronunciation:can-i-ann-then (photo: front)
meaning: Well-being of the family.


【NAME】 show-buy-hung-joe, show-hook-ban-lie, cow-two-ann-then, can-i-ann-then
(super quick dry) 
【SIZE】 outline: φ56×20mm face of inkpad: φ42mm
【COLOR】 BODY: White, Print: Red
【MATERIAL】 Recycled Polycarbonate70%, Oil pigment

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