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1)Body recycled ABS 
2)Ink: oily pigment (super quick dry) 
4)Made in Japan 

SHU-STA mini was joined two ways of stamp pad! 
Traditional vermilion and black stamp pad is inside.
SHU-STA's design received Good Design Award. This is the small size of SHU-STA.
It's convenient to carry. This minimum form is loved for a long time!
This flap can opens full and flatly, and is the best to desk work! 

There is the suppletory ink for it.
There are 3 body colors.
There are smaller article of SHU-STA that the name is SHU-STA mini.

【NAME】 SHU-STA mini (super quick dry)
【SIZE】 outline:115×45×11.5mm
face of vermilion padφ30mm
face of black pad70×33mm
【BODY COLOR】 Pink, White, Blue
【MATERIAL】 recycled ABS
ink: Oil pigment

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